FaraTrommeln 012Like many drum instruments, the Djembe or Jembe comes from Africa, more exactly from west Africa. Their origin is to be found by the Malinke, an ethnic-group, who is settled in the today’s countries of Guinea, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso and the Ivory Coast. The Griots, which are stories storytellers from this etnic-group are the first who accompanied musically their stories with the Djembe. Djembe is today one of the most popular african music instruments in the western world. It would’nt be surely so popular without the combination with the Malinke music, which has found world-wide many lovers. The jar-shaped wood drum was covered in former times with Antilope skin, today people generally use goat skin. One can produce deep bass sounds and high Snaps with it both. The straight large sound variety makes this instrument a so frequently used rhythm instrument. In addition Djembe, is usually played in sitting (on the Djembe or on a stool beside it), can be fastened in standing. For children models particularly small designed are prefered, which harmonize very well with the childlike shape. It concerns however not around special Djembe for kids, but also instruments which can be played from adults to, whose size produces only a certain pitch.


A small part of the meaning of: playing the djembe