About me


My name is Mame Fara Diouf and I was born in Dakar, Senegal. I’m playing the instrument called Djembe, which I learnt from my brother Papa Malick Diouf who is the founder of the well is known African dance and percussion group “Mama Afrika” in which I am the Djembe Leader.

I have completed professional percussion training in Cultural Center of Blaise Senghor in Dakar. I have also deepened my knowledge at the Music School of Douta Seck in Dakar. In addition I taught myself “Sabar” which is a commonSenegalese drum instrument, and then finally I got the great chance to learn the Djembe from Lucky Diop and Samuel Zinsou.

My first performance was at the age of 10 with the Mama Afrika band in Dakar. Since then I have been always on the move, playing in other countries like France, Germany, and Japan in my brother’s group “Mama Afrika. In Addition, I got the opportunity to play as member in some Senegalese music bands like “Ceddo”, “Penc”. These activities have become part of my professional profile as a studio musician.